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Who's David J. Arnold?

Belief, strategy and execution.Helping you help yourself with coaching

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David J.
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Belief, strategy and execution. Helping people help themselves through Career/English coaching.

Practise expressing yourself better and feel better using English by talking face to face. As coach I will also be focussed on how you will use your English to better your career and talk about your future success in life which can be gained by believing in yourself, planning and finally doing what you feel you are good at or enjoy doing. 

My experience and training has been instrumental in helping people from many backgrounds to achieve their ambitions and serve specific purposes; feeling confident and speaking fluently, doing presentations,  conducting meetings, acing job interviews, meeeting people with presence, socializing and just having fun.

With a variety of resources you will also improve your listening, reading or writing if that is your target.

Your progress will be accelerated provided you go about doing some of the following things:

1. Be motivated to work at your English knowing your future may be affected; know that it could make make a      difference in your life

  2. Open yourself to opportunities where you can use English in fun, interesting and active ways
  3. Make connections and maintain contact with English each day, (at least a bit)
  especially with things you enjoy doing
 4. Get access to resources that help you learn your way; books, games, film, music, chat, forums, skype, puzzles, youtube, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, roleplays ..... Your are only limited by your imagination.
  Learn and use more vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and other useful everyday expressions through your personal learning methods which work for you and are enjoyable, selected and practical.

You might also think more clearly knowing your core values are being realized through self discovery.

Finally find someone who knows about learning, is interesting and who cares about your progress in life and English


Education, Qualifications, Experience: 

I learned most of what I know from you. Thank you.

Understanding and becoming better understood as an individual and putting this knowledge to good use in careers, personal and family lives is what I enjoy helping people with most and this is what I have been focussed on doing for over 20 years now, if not my whole life(among other businesses I have run).  

You may begin with me by focussing on what you say to yourself (internally) and by what you say to other people. The world is as you say it is for you and your values are reflected in doing what makes you happy. Knowing this will most cetainly will help you find more satisfaction in what you do, as others will understand you better and relate to you more genuinely.

The quality and depth of your relationships depends heavily upon what you do and say and being well spoken will allow you to say it how you mean it more accurately and perhaps more colorfully.



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Reading, hiking, golf, writing, sports

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Students (18-26 years old)
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