Terms of Use



I. Preface


1. This document contains all the information about the terms of use for NativeSpeaker.com.pl. The Terms of Use for NativeSpeaker.com.pl specifies the powers and obligations of registered and un-registered users, including their right to protection of personal data, and defines the rules and provisions of electronic services.

2. Definitions:

a) User - a person who puts his or her profile on the NativeSpeaker.com.pl by registering and accepting these Terms of Use.

b) Visitor - a person who browses the NativeSpeaker.com.pl website with or without registering and creating a profile.

c) User Profile - Information that is given by a registered user of NativeSpeaker.com.pl and is available to all users and visitors to view. For this reason, users should carry out a thorough selection of information, which they want to put in their profile. Information entered into a profile must meet the guidelines given when entering the data. A user may make changes to their profile at any time.

d) User account - a record of authenticating the identity of the user logging on. It contains a username, password and email address.

e) NativeSpeaker.com.pl - is a web service available at www.nativespeaker.com.pl to facilitate contact between individuals and institutions that provide educational services and their potential customers. The website is maintained by ‘American Native Speaker’ based in Łaziska Górne at ul. Wodna 5, REGON 240535181, NIP 9542512818.


II. Electronic delivery of services


1. Registering a user account on NativeSpeaker.com.pl signifies an explicit consent to be bound by these Terms of Use.

2. Filling out the registration form is at the same time a contract for electronic services for an indefinite period of time.

3. A user may at any time make changes to their profile or delete their account entirely.

4. The NativeSpeaker.com.pl website offers both free and paid service. However, registration and the creation of a basic user profile is a free service. The NativeSpeaker.com.pl service reserves the right to introduce fees for selected services after notifying registered users. In order for such a service to continue to be provided, the user must agree to its paid provision.

5. The NativeSpeaker.com.pl website can change and modify its services, including suspend its activities, and the user cannot make any claim against NativeSpeaker.com.pl.

6. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, the user gives consent to the publishing of profile information by NativeSpeaker.com.pl and to receiving offer notifications from interested users and visitors by email.

7. The information contained in the user profile is open and can be accessible by popular search engines.


III. Create an Account


1. A person can make an account by filling out the registration form.

2. During the registration process, it is required to create a username and password and enter a valid email address.

3. NativeSpeaker.com.pl provides its users with personal data protection as stipulated under the Personal Data Protection Act (Dz.U. 2002 Nr 101, poz. 926) and the Electronic Services Act (Dz.U. 2002 Nr.144, poz. 1204).

4. The creation of an account at NativeSpeaker.com.pl is possible only after the acceptance hereof.


IV. Data Protection & Privacy Policy


1. Personal data is collected:

a) during registration (username, password, email address)

b) during a payment transaction (name, address, type and credit card number, CVV code)

c) automatically when you visit the website (IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc.)

d) during contact with the NativeSpeaker.com.pl website using the contact form (name, email address, etc.).

2. NativeSpeaker.com.pl takes care to protect the personal data of its users. The registration data is used only for the purpose of providing services and to log into the system and is never shared with third parties. Only the login user name is visible to other users and visitors of the NativeSpeaker.com.pl website. However, password and email address information is confidential. In order to contact a registered user in order to take advantage of his or her offer, the completion of the contact form is required.

3. In the case of payments to NativeSpeaker.com.pl, the user will be prompted for payment information (Chapter IV, section 1b). This information will be forwarded to a company that supports payment transactions. This information will be used only to complete the transaction and will not be used for any other purpose. Submission of this information is required to make a payment transaction.

4. Data collected automatically only serve to personalize the content of NativeSpeaker.com.pl.

5. Information acquired as a result of correspondence is used only to answer a user's query.

6. Any user information may be disclosed to the appropriate judicial authorities only under the provisions of relevant legislation.

7. NativeSpeaker.com.pl will contact you by sending information to the specified email address. All inquiries and offers of other users of the site made via the contact form will also be sent to the specified email address. A user's email address is confidential and will not appear on his or her profile.

8. Users the right to make changes to their personal data, and to remove it.

9. NativeSpeaker.com.pl reserves the right to change this privacy policy by publishing new rules.

10. Additional questions regarding this privacy policy should be submitted through the website’s contact form.

11. NativeSpeaker.com.pl reserves the right to send all users information electronically about any changes made in the service.

12. NativeSpeaker.com.pl reserves the right to deny service to any user or visitor, especially in cases where there is suspicion of fraud or wrongdoing.


V. Use of NativeSpeaker.com.pl


1. Users and visitors should use the service in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use.

2. It is unacceptable to violate the privacy of other users and/or process their data for purposes other than responding to an offer presented by them.

3. It is prohibited to post materials that are offensive, violate provisions of the law or moral canons held in Poland.

4. Users may only post images of a person. Immoral photos of any kind and photos that do not correspond to the professional nature of the website are unacceptable.

5. It is forbidden to use the website to send advertisements and other offers that are considered to be spam.



VI. Copyrights


1. A profile on NativeSpeaker.com.pl means that you agree to use the information contained therein by others in order to submit a bid or respond to it.

2. A user has the right to write information legally considered a work in his or her profile and is protected by copyright law (Dz.U. 1994, Nr 24, poz. 83). This information may only be used for personal use. Any other use of this data requires the consent of the author.


VII. Responsibility


1. NativeSpeaker.com.pl not responsible for content posted by users in their profiles as well as the text of private messages sent to any user.

2. People who send messages that violate the law may be held liable under civil and criminal law.

3. Users are responsible for all content posted by them on NativeSpeaker.com.pl.

4. NativeSpeaker.com.pl makes no guarantees as to the quality of information offered on this website. The use of the service, and making offers is at the user's own risk.

5. This site is not responsible for the improper performance of services by an advertiser or user, or for a breach of contract payment by a user or visitor.

6. NativeSpeaker.com.pl shall not be liable for any damages resulting from failure or interruption in access to the website.


VIII. Comments and conclusions


1. Any sort of concerns, comments and proposals relating to services provided by NativeSpeaker.com.pl can be sent using the contact form.

2. NativeSpeaker.com.pl shall attempt to respond to any such request within 14 days.

3. The website does not respond to complaints regarding services provided by other users advertised on NativeSpeaker.com.pl (Chapter VII, section 4 and 5).


IX. Final Provisions


1. NativeSpeaker.com.pl reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and undertakes to inform users about these changes.

2. Users who are directly affected by a given change will be informed about it electronically.