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Summer and Autumn Skype bookings now being taken

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Hello, I'm Roger, and I come from Leicester, England.

THE NEWS: I am now taking SKYPE bookings for the summer (from 17 July) and also lessons for new students for the 2017 Autumn semester. These lessons are for ALL OVER Poland and Europe. Iff you would like conversation with lots of ready topics prepared by myself, then write to me now!

The Mission Statement: I particularly specialise in discussion (although coursebook teaching is available), from which I have a range of around SEVENTY set topics to choose from, or forty subjects that give you random statements to discuss - this means that you, the student, do NOT have to come up with ideas for conversation! Proofreading is also available - send me an e-mail for more details. 

Meetings: At the moment I am fairly busy but I still have a small number of daytime slots available. I do not usually give evening lessons (I am a family man). From the middle of July onwards I am taking bookings.

Lessons, prices and times: For more details on how my lessons work, where and when, please check my website at www.rogerhartopp.co.uk (Click on English Conversation). Prices start from 50zl for 60 minutes (SKYPE, daytime). Face to face is 60zl for 60 minutes, also depending on your location as travel time and costs may have to be included. For actual lessons using a coursebook add an additional 10 zlotys (100zl for 90 minutes). For companies interested in lessons, please enquire.

And please - when I send an e-mail back to you, please do tell me when you get it. It is courteous.

Language schools - Realistically, you wouldn't be able to afford me, your lessons are most likely not going to be in my area and you probably are unable to offer me any blocks of lessons, which is the absolute minimum requirement. Plus I want a work contract. At this time, I am not interested in any more lessons.

Now onto the interesting stuff... :-)

I was born in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, many years ago, but received my schooling near Leicester.

I came to Poland in April 1998 because my then girlfriend comes from Poland. She is now my wife, we have been married since August 1999, and we have two boys.

In my old job I used to work in public relations for a bus company in Leicester, so I have wide knowledge of newspapers, radio and television. I worked with the BBC and also produced some television shows for the local Cable television station.

We have lived in the Krakow area most of the time I have been in Poland, although I did spend one year near Opole.

I am also a published author of English - see below!

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I am officially Roger Hartopp Dip ELS (Open): I possess a university diploma in English, obtained from the Open University. U210 linguistics; E303 English Grammar in Context.

I have been teaching English at all levels in Poland and the UK since August 1998.

Although I do teach using coursebooks, I specialise in English conversation, based around a number of topics that include text for reading and comprehension, as well as for conversation, followed by a fun quiz! All these materials have been prepared by myself, and I can send these to you in advance so it helps you to prepare.

I am experienced in teaching CAE and FCE students, and have taught for an EAQUALS certified school and others certified language centres.

I have co-operated with a number of language schools - and still do so with some of them (including in London).

I have conducted intensive outside company courses. Clients have included Fiat, Can-Pack, Comarch, Donnelley Printing Company, Dwory (Chemical plant & power station in Oswiecim), Ecolab, Euronit, GDZ Suez, Philip Morris, Motorola, Pharma-C-Food, Telefonika, Tesco, TVN, etc.

I have many fun and interesting topics for those who prefer discussion, and are presented on a laptop through Powerpoint.

I have taught from many books including Berlitz, Market Leader, International Express, Language Leader, and Speakout.

I have a sense of humour which can be very useful in learning!

Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info: 

I enjoy writing, and I have a book on the market called Typical Errors in English - An Essential Guide to Getting the Language.  You can get more details at www.typicalerrorsinenglish.com

I am a cartoonist, and often draw cartoons and use these in lessons. (This skill has been useful in illustrating the book.)

I also love reading and listening to music, and I have a great sense of humour!

I have done English language voiceovers for Polish company videos

I have had a little radio experience here in Poland! (Radio Alfa, Rak)

As an artist, I have provided visual materials for English Instruction.

I am a proofreader of Polish books published by ViaNova into English: Secrets of the Four Temples District (November 2010) Max Leipelt’s Picture Postcards (May 2011), and another work, Wrocław in Detail (published 2013, reprinted 2016).

I have been involved in video, television & radio, for both BBC and cable television stations, and local radio stations within Krakow. Two UK awards for best programme (1995) [also nomination in 1996 on programme about Poland] and best presenter (1993) for cable television. I was awarded a certificate in 1996 for volunteering over fifty hours towards the development of community television in Leicester.

I have been involved in freelance video, writing and narration work for English language translations for Polish company videos, including English ‘speaker’ commentary for regional (TVP Krakow) travel programme for marketing abroad.

I have contributed to an established UK music magazine ‘Voyager’, which was distributed worldwide.

So if you would like English lessons, discussion, or want to learn more about typical errors in English, then please write to me through this site.

I also have a personal website at www.rogerhartopp.co.uk

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