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Improve your English and build confidence with a BRITISH girl!

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United Kingdom
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Hello everyone!


  • Are you looking to improve your spoken, written and conversational English?
  • Is fluency an issue for you?
  • Do you feel your confidence lets you down?
  • Do you need your English documents proofread and corrected in a timely fashion?

I'm fully available and ready to take lessons now!  My approach is relaxed and I will find the best way to improve any aspect of your English, in a way that is easy and makes sense to you.


I am native English teacher from the South West of England, now based in Warsaw.  If you need help with interview skills, you wish to improve your grammar or just want to become more comfortable with fluencey and written English, I have a catalogue of materials and methods to tailor to your individual needs.


Language can be stressful, daunting and (let's be honest) embarassing at times, however, my patient approach will help you to be more confident and comfortable with the language you already know.  Once we're happy with the basics, we'll expand further into the language; I can give you a straight-forward entrance to English, then explore the finer details with some fun methods to get it to really sink in!


I focus on encouraging my students to enjoy speaking English; being too pedantic sometimes makes it harder to understand context.  We all make mistakes, and I'll help you to improve them without taking away the fun!


My experience with Angloville and Tandem House gave me the opportunity to teach adults in 2 week intensive learning courses.  I taught 170 hours of conversational English and this allowed me to obtain an advanced 170 hour TEFL certficiate and invaluable experience.


After leaving the private schools I attended for 15 years, I returned to become a classroom assistant, so I have extensive experience in working with children (ages 3-15).  This included drama and arts workshops, after school assistance with homework, various sports activities (netball, cricket, rugby, rounders etc); I also remained as head of the Chapel Choir of Bramdean school and am a classically trained singer.  Regular evensongs, morning services, recordings and television/radio appearances were part of the role.


The levels that I am able to undertake are:

Basic Speaker (children only)

A1 Breakthrough or beginner

A2 Waystage or elementary

B1 Threshold or intermediate


Independent Speaker

B2 Upper intermediate


Proficient Speaker

C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

C2 Mastery or proficiency


Prices of lessons:

Classes in my apartment (centre) and Skype Lessons:

1 hour - 80pln

90 minutes - 120pln


In home/office sessions within 5km:

1 hour - 90pln

90 minutes - 140pln

These rates are flexible (subject to availability, time of day, location etc) and may be discussed before our lessons.


For each additional student in our sessions, the price is reduced by 10pln per person. For example, 3x students for a lesson in my apartment for 60 minutes = 50pln each (30pln reduction each).


Please note that 80pln is a starting price (if we were to meet at my apartment or within 5km; charges for travel time and cost will be negotiated upon request, according to distance/travel time) 


DISCOUNTS/REFUNDS - If you wish to book and pay in advance, a 20% discount will be applied to the 5th lesson.  In the case of a cancellation by me, I will always honour the cancelled lesson.  If a lesson is cancelled by the student with less than 36 hours notice, the lesson will be forfeit.  Resignation by a student from our lessons before the end of a booked period will result in a maximum refund of half of the outstanding amount (this is subject to previous cancellations/time periods etc)


PROOFREADING -  I have experience in proofreading with a prestigious solicitors firm in Devon, UK.  I'm meticulous and have great attention to detail, ensuring continuity and taking care to recifty repetition.  I have proofread and corrected many masters students' theses (both native and non native speakers) and returned them, corrected and numerated in a timely fashion in order to meet crucial deadlines.



Proofreading guidline prices:

ESL dissertation, thesis or proposal editing

1,000 words - within 4 hours - 270pln

                   within 8 hours - 240pln

                   within 12 hours - 220pln

                   within 48 hours - 130pln

                   within 72 hours - 120pln

                   within 1 week - 110pln


4,000 words - within 8 hours - 990pln

                   within 12 hours - 880pln

                   within 24 hours - 550pln

                   within 48 hours - 500pln

                   within 72 hours - 470pln

                   within 1 week - 450pln


6,000 words - within 12 hours - 1300pln

                   within 24 hours - 820pln

                   within 48 hours - 750pln

                   within 72 hours - 710pln

                   within 1 week - 670pln


8,000 words - within 24 hours - 1090pln

                   within 48 hours - 1010pln

                   within 72 hours - 950pln

                   within 1 week - 900pln


16,000 words - within 48 hours - 2000pln

                     within 72 hours - 1,900pln

                     within 1 week - 1,500pln




I'm looking forward to meeting you, so get in touch and let's get started!

Education, Qualifications, Experience: 

Advanced 160 hour TEFL certificate

5 years' experience classroom assistant in British private school

Proofreading for solicitors' firms

Experience in intensive learning courses in Europe

Interests, Hobbies, & Other Info: 

I love music, gigs, festivals, am training to be a pilot and will tell you anything you need to know about tattoos, hair dye and piercings.  I'm a classically trained choral singer, but won't start singing, unless you'd like to!

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